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Here we have a slave management fetish porn game. This isn’t always a visible novel with multiple ending paths. Instead, you have to manage and teach your slaves, and relying on your outcomes you’ll see positive scenes. Here you will find plenty of sexual content material (textual content and pics), sexual slavery and forced prostitution, mind control, hypnosis, homosexual and lesbian content material, and plenty of greater.

This is a horny slave control sport. It’s no longer one of those games this is a visual novel wherein you could choose masses of diverse endings. Nope, you need to discover ways to teach and manipulate the slaves you own and in case you choose the right movement, you will be rewarded with sexy scenes. Along with the manner, you may be exposed to hypnosis, thoughts management, prostitution, as well as each homosexual and lesbian sex. If you need to experience the juiciest sexual adventures, then make sure to choose your choices carefully.


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