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In this free 3D sex game you play a news anchor on a morning news show. You can choose between a male or female. Choose between different scenarios and see if you can get Leanna naked. Thanks to Virtual Date Games for this one.

Sex Game Walkthrough:

– Pick any responses up to meeting Kristen at the studio
– Any response
– “Kind of..pretty? Like you?”
– Any response
– “It’s [name], Miss Marseilles. A pleasure to meet you.”
– Any response
– “Of course. I can do anything you like.”
– “Are you ready for your close-up, Miss Marseilles?”
– Any response
– “It was nice to meet you too, Kristen.” or “Cool. Just like an action movie!”
– “Do you need me to leave?”
– “Are you OK, Miss Marseilles?”
– “It’s OK. You don’t have to pretend that argument was nothing.”
– Any response
– Any response
– Any response
– “I want to help. Surely it’s a concept you’ve thought about before.”
– “Just ask. And try doing it like a normal, honest person.”
– “I would love to.”
– “So, should we perhaps meet tonight and discuss this?”
– “You have good taste in bars.”

– Approach her at the bar
– “Leanna?”
– “That’s a very nice outfit you’re wearing.”
– Any response
– Pick Citizen Kane
– Any response
– “No, this is just a professional hobby. My other job’s my main one.”
– “I’m a musician.” or Work at the gym Will provide bonuses if you go to the gym and select jogging later.
– “Good idea. That’ll be much quicker.”
– “Sounds like something to get excited about.”
– “You know, we’re probably allowed to be honest and just say we met today.”
– “Cool! I thought these places were just a myth. Never actually seen one.”
– “I can see you’re very talented.”
– “Wow! We’ve been transported through time!”
– “Actually, you look more like someone who’s trying way, way too hard.”
– “It is! It’s just that it’s also a little too…much.”
– Any response
– Any response
– “You don’t need to feel embarrassed. Who cares what these people think.”
– “Try it again. Maybe last time was just a fluke.”
– “No, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of.”
– “Maybe you shouldn’t focus so much on how you look.”
– “It could be worse. You might have only had one piece of information about me.”
– Any response
– “I just…didn’t think you’d be the type of something charitable. I’m impressed.”

– Say anything until the dressing room
– “Good point. If we need to know everything about each other, we can’t leave out email addresses.”
– Any response
– “Only when my glass is empty.”
– “Of course.”
– Any response
– “Good idea. Having a local celebrity as a Facebook friend is going to make me really popular.”
– “Blue?”
– “Great with it. I always like to keep fit.”
– “You’ve clearly thought about this.”
– Pick your activity
– “I bet you have the gold package.”
– “Well, it looks worth it to me.”


– “Why does that make him better at yoga?”
– “Wow. Your body looks amazing in that outfit.”
– “No, I’m good. It was nothing.”
– “Wrong, but nice.”
– “See, when you’re not being a bitch, you’re a good teacher.”
– “Leanna’s form seemed fine to me.”
– Say anything you want to Anakin and the women.
– “Apparently so.”
– “Yeah, I know what you mean.”
– “Then why are you friends with them?”
– “Maybe you’ll just open up one day and unleash the true you into all of their faces.”


– Any response
– “Of course! Leanna’s been telling me all about you.”
– “Of course I’m with Leanna. Why wouldn’t I be?”
– Intercept the ball
– “And that is how you play basketball!”
– Any response
– “Don’t get too cocky. You’re hardly a pro.”
– Run after her to increase her approval. Intercept the ball to lower her facade.
– If intercepted: “I’m sure I just got lucky.”
If ran after her: “It was probably better than I could do.”
– Say anything you want to the women.
– “Apparently so.”
– “Yeah, I know what you mean.”
– “Then why are you friends with them?”
– “Maybe you’ll just open up one day and unleash the true you into all of their faces.”


– “It looks better with you in it.”
– “That looks tough, but I’ll try my best.”
– “Of course.”
– “Yeah, we’re just friends.”

– On the train, Approach Kristen.
– “Well remembered.”
– Any response
– Any response
– “If I understood him correctly, that’s for you to decide.”

– “I’m, sorry they don’t appreciate your true talents more.”
– “Utterly friggin amazing.”
– Any response
– “Fucking Todd.”
– “Of course not! That’ll look great on my resume!”
– Any response
– Any response
– “I don’t think she’s gonna leave you alone until you say yes.”
– Pick any drink
– “How come you still smoke? Given all the fitness stuff you do, it seems a little weird.”
– “I know the feeling. You’ll probably quit one day though.”
– “There’s something missing from your life? Do you know what?”
– “Maybe you’re just waiting for the real you to click into place.”
– “Why can’t that be every woman’s philosophy?”
– “That does sound hot.”
– “Love me some sex on the beach!”
– Any response
– “What should we do now?”
– Put your arms around her
– Kiss her
– “Are you sure? I really seemed like something you wanted to do.”

– Find Leanna’s apartment and knock on the door
– “Don’t worry about it. Happens to all of us.”
– “Good idea.”
– “Every night. I know you like the back of my hand.”
– “Sure. Coffee’s coffee.”
– “What’s my favorite film?”
– “Well done.”
– “That sounds fun. I do seem to enjoy spending time with you.”
– “You’re not going out dressed like that?”
– Find the DVDs then return
– “Plenty. You have good taste in films, but I decided not to.”
– Pick your activity
– Hum in the elevator


– “Nice camera setup.”
– Any response


– “Around a hundred yards.”
– “Show off. Which I mean as a compliment.”
– Any response
– “Hell, no. Let’s keep playing. It’s not over yet.”


– Try and beat her in the race

– “Smart thinking.”


– “I don’t think his ethnicity matters as much as his skill with food.”
– “Let’s skip straight to ice cream! You know you want to!”
– Would it really have been that hard to only say the first sentence?”
– “As open. I’ve noticed, and it’s a shame.”
– “Crazy, but very fun.”
– “Well, maybe she has a point.”
– “One of you has to make the first move. It’d be good for you.”
– “It’s not a competition. One of you just has to be the greater person and apologize.”
– Say anything you want to the monk and during the dream sequence

– “Hi. wow. I love your dress.”
– “It was worth the wait.”
– “Really? Admit it – a part of you wants to be the outfit just to show off your body.”
– Any response
– “Of course! You can always count on me.”
– “Hey, Kristen. Cool job.”
– “It’s either that or you stand here talking to her.”
– “Thanks, Kristen. You’re an awesome woman.”
– “Oh, yeah. I think you’d be great for that issue!”
– “I know so, dammit. Look at her!”
– “I think he’d be crazy not to have you in that issue.”
– “Good company too.”
– “I would love to dance with you.”
– Dance
– when music changes, grab her instead of saying “Yeah, good idea.”
– for the game, ask any questions. Give your answer as Genghis Khan.
– Any response
– “There are times when you are, but you need to work on it.”
– Yes
– “You found a new friend and began to open up to them, slowly showing that you could be a wonderful person.”
– “For you? Anything.”
– “Have I mentioned tonight how good you look in that dress?”
– “Expecting trouble this evening?”
– “With the gun and your dress, you kinda look like a sexy spy.”
– “Actually, I think some of my influence might be starting to change her for the good.”
– Any response
– “He’s just a perverted old idiot whose opinion doesn’t matter that much when you think about it.”
– “You don’t need to be in a magazine for everyone to think you’re hot.”
– “Stuff like that doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.”
– “You can count on me.”
– Watch the performance
– “What? No! That was hot!”
– Any response
– “Was it something you liked?”
– “Sounds like a healthy brain to me.”
– “Many of the things in life that are good for us feel that way.”
– “So, you do want to apologize to Kristen?”
– “OK. Think about this a while longer though. I think it’ll be good for you.”
– Kiss her
– “I need my rock-hard cock deep inside your beautiful little pussy.”
– Say anything until she’s lying naked on the floor
– “As long as I can still stare at your naked body.”
– “You’re very flexible. I like it.”
– “I love it.”
– “Yeah, I love seeing this side of you.”

– Say anything you want to Todd
– “Morning, gorgeous.”
– Any response
– “I think it needs more cleavage.”
– “I’m glad it’s not just me who was thinking that way.”
– “OK. I think you should do it. But be careful though.”
– “You seem very calm about all this.”
– “Nice suit. Nothing too formal, but nothing too casual either.”
– “Yes, and I’m very much enjoying the view.”
– “How could I resist?”
– “I think we can do better.”
– “Won’t lie – I’ve had dreams like this.”
– “You’re a professional level tease, you know that?”
– “I want it like no man has ever wanted something before.”

– At the quiz, WRITE MANNEQUIN

– “Morning, gorgeous.”

– All three endings should now be open to you

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