Tsun Tsun Button Smash


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Theme: Pair two incompatible genres. In this case, romance and abuse.

Tsun Tsun Button Mash is a clicker game in which you tap the screen to make money for your designated waifu. Unlock locations and new outfits to see different sides of your waifu.

NOTE: There is a censor option that you can use for streaming the game

Controls: Click on the screen to generate Waifu Bucks(TM)

About: We are a three person dev-team making NSFW games for your pleasure! We ran a bit short on time because of other obligations, so we got a friend to help out a bit for the jam. If you like this game, you can check out our main project, Infernus (https://team-infernus.itch.io/infernus-the-descent), which started as a game for LD40.

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