The Lilith Device: Battle Tendency


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Welcome to The Lilith Device: Battle Tendency! I love this free game! This is a fan story turned interactive story porn game where you play as the main character from the original The Lilith Device RAGS game, Sash.

Sash is the Mistress of the Lilith Device, a device designed to brainwash and enslave women. Not exactly fair. But with it, she has enslaved the majority of women in her all-female college town.

One day she receives a message from a mysterious woman claiming that she has a device of her own and that she plans on adding Sash and her slaves to her own growing ranks of brainwashed women. Your choices will decide the fates of the characters within, enjoy surrendering to/dominating your opponents in this interactive story!

This free porn game will have you facing off against old enemies from the original TLD, along with some newcomers, with supernatural abilities thrown into the mix. These abilities open up many options for transformation and mind control once defeated/victorious! (Check the themes for hints :p) There will be plenty of bad endings and sex. The strongest theme here is domination and submission ultimately leading to mind control.


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