The Change Games


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Welcome! You have been selected to be one of the contestants on the Change Games, our new X-Change themed reality show produced by Nutflix. Nutflix, for all your smutty and lewd needs. Bust a nut to Nutflix.

The rules of this reality show are simple. You will take an X-Change and live with 14 other girls… though only some of these girls are on X-Change Pink. The others are natural females under the effects of our new X-Change X-perienceX-Change X-perience, you know you want to see the new you. The X-perience pill transforms women into other women or men into other men, but we don’t have any male contestants this year.

How is it going to work? We could simply give all our contestants a vanilla X-Change Xtra Strength, but our viewers expect something far more entertaining than that, so we’re going to give everyone a custom, experimental X-Change that should alter their bodies and minds in all manner of fun ways.

Your goal is to survive all 14 episodes of the Change Games without being eliminated. If you’re eliminated early, you’re off the show. We’ll send you packing even if your X-Change hasn’t expired yet. Depending on how far you make it into the challenge, you might make yourself some bonus cash, even if you’re sent home. We might even offer you a special pill if you’re really good. But the grand prize is that everyone wants, to be crowned the official X-Girl. In addition to a one million dollar cash prize, and a one-month expenses paid trip courtesy of X-BnB, you’ll become our new spokeswoman, starring in commercials, magazine ads, and official calendars. At least until the next season of the Change Games brings us our new X-Girl!


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