Lovely Disgusting World


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“Lovely Disgusting World” is a text-based porn game witch is many non-linear stories inside. Every story takes place in the same city called The Darklove. Some stories have very extreme content inside (kinks like scat, Guro, bestiality e.t.c) but some of them have vanilla content, without any extremes stuff. So check it out, you’ll probably find something interesting in the game, no matter what you like. Important: this is a very early version of my game.

For now “Lovely disgusting world” contains only one endless story named “Mia and her Mother’s secret” which is pretty extreme. But if you don’t like kinks like scat, in the future you also find vanilla stories in this game, so do not reject “Lovely Disgusting World” if you don’t like extremes. Good luck and have fun!


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