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You wake up alone in your bedroom, reeling from a night of intense erotic dreams. Like most 22-year-old guys, sex dreams aren’t that unusual for you, but last night was something else entirely. It was like everyone you had ever met was a target of your lust, no matter who they were or what your attraction had been to them in the past. Nothing was off-limits, especially the illicit and taboo.

You stare at the ceiling thinking about the night, as even more, disjointed memories of sordid moments come back to you. Friends, colleagues at your crappy office job, random girls you saw once at the supermarket, right now you want them all. Even your family wasn’t spared from the dreams; In fact, they were a central part. The thought of your sister sucking your dick comes back to you, and you’re momentarily overcome with desire.

You think that you should probably be disturbed by all the messed-up shit your brain just came up within your sleep, but in reality, you’re turned on by it. Instinctively you reach down to touch yourself and find that your cock is already rock hard, in a physical manifestation of your dreams.

You reach over and pick up your phone to check the time and are surprised to discover it’s already 9 AM. Your mom said she was going to make pancakes this morning so everyone else is probably already down in the kitchen. Of course, there is still the outstanding issue of your raging erection, which in its current state probably won’t take long to deal with.


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