Dirty Cupid v0.1.5


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This is a cool Nintendo-style adult porn game! I like the arcade sex gameplay and the old-school graphic feel!

WSAD / ZQSD / Arrow keys = Move around

SPACEBAR = Hide behind object / Fap (smash Spacebar!)

01/10/2021 (0.1.5)

  • GUI changes
  • Added visual clues for bonus effect duration
  • Added visual clues for picking a side to hide near an object
  • “Golden Cupid” spawn more often
  • Auto saves now happens only when a round ends (either caught or timer runs out)

01/10/2021 (0.1.4)

  • Smoother gameplay
  • Auto Save
  • 2 new characters
  • Unlock some of our fan art pictures in the gallery!


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