Celeste Blake: The Evindium Affair


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The main goal of this free porn game game is to reach one of the sex games multiple endings, preferably a good one for Celeste and her friends. To ideal ending would result in Jane and Celeste getting off the planet, with or without the ship, and Celeste must remain in control of her destiny. The perfect sex game ending. Along the way, changes will occur to Celeste’s personality which can be tracked with the two status gauges Submissiveness and Sid’s Training.

The ‘Submissiveness’ gauge is the measure of control you have over yourself and to refuse those with some form of authority over you. If you reach 100 in this category, you will have little control over your actions when influenced by others. You will likely encounter a game over if you happen to encounter someone who wouldn’t look out for a mindlessly obedient Celeste. The ‘Training’ gauge will affect dialogue and the choices made available to you throughout the game. Changes to both these scores are unavoidable in order to achieve success in the various missions and encounters.

Other bad endings can be achieved through the choices made during this free porn game and due to the ever ticking-clock until they are discovered on planet. The more days you spend on the planet the more likely that the wrong people are going to catch up with and find you.

The apartment Sid provides you with is your hub. From there you can attend missions, act on intelligence, and explore Evindium. Missions are the core way to progress through the game’s core story. Acting on intelligence will provide you with new missions and your encounters while you explore will gain you this precious Intel. Regardless of what you choose to do, keep in mind that all actions suck up time and eventually someone will come knocking…

In order to have success, Celeste is going to need to make allies during her time on Evindium. Just who can she trust?

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