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Breeder’s Haven: Reconception free porn game – A terrible disease has killed off 99 percent of the men in the world, but all the women have somehow survived. What a surprise, right? Now there is a special program called Haven System that decides how to repopulate the world. It’s very complicated. You are the administrator of one of these Haven areas. So, you have to screen the women, as well as get to help them get pregnant. You want to choose the ones with the best skills. So have some fun as you take on this serious duty. The free sex game has a time limit that is 16 turns, which equals four actual years, or it starts over, so make sure those decisions are good ones.

Warning, this free sex game is of erotic nature. If it is not legal for you to view such material, please close the game. Otherwise enjoy. All characters and models are aged 18 or older. This game contains the fetishes of Impregnation and slight chemical mind control. This free sex game is and always will be 100% free, if you paid anything for it (including Patreon bullshit) then you were scammed.

Get all that?

Haven Survival Guide Chapter 2: What the Heck Happened

Before we get into what your role as a Haven administrator is, we first have to explore the history of how Havens came to need to exist.

Starting at some point in the early 2020s, the earth was ravaged by an unforeseen pandemic that spread across the world unchecked. Victims of the disease died within weeks of contraction, with no cure or treatment ever discovered. Scientists could never discover the means by which the disease was contracted. Over the course of only a year, every single human being on earth contracted and fell victim to the virus.

Curiously enough, only males suffered the effects of the virus. Females, though having contracted the virus suffered no symptoms whatsoever, and after a short period of time, their bodies were clear of any trace of the disease. Males, however, were not so fortunate, suffering a 99% mortality rate across the entire world. How could a virus behave in such a way? Was it a superbug resulting from antibiotic overuse? A government secret project has gone horribly wrong? Autism from vaccinations? To this day, nobody knows.

As the virus disappeared and the world’s population was left with a severe lack of males, humanity faced another crisis. The traditional monogamous partner system of the old world could not sustain human populations anymore, as well as huge areas of the world were disorganized from the chaos.

For this reason, the Haven system was established. By reading this guide, you must be one of the few male survivors of the plague that ravaged the world. And now it is time for you to take on the role of a Haven Administrator.

After the world was restabilized following the plague, areas still settled by humans were split into districts, now called Havens. Each Haven can be equated to a township of the old world but is much more independent than the previous governmental systems. Each Haven is governed by a Haven Administrator, whose role is to oversee the Haven’s day-to-day activities, screen new applicants for the Haven, and manage current residents.

Every Haven is dependant on two resources; Funds and Tech Points.

Tech Points are the monetized values produced by your Haven. There are four variants of Tech Points: Culture, Science, Economics, and Recreation. Your Haven itself is split into these four categories, and Haven Administrators have the opportunity to upgrade each sector using both funds and Tech Points. By upgrading a sector of your haven, you in turn generate more tech points to be used for further upgrades and benefits. Use your Tech Points and Funds wisely.

However, the primary responsibility of the Haven Administrator is to mate with the residents of his Haven, to ensure the human race is continued. For this reason, the Haven Administrator is always an adult male. For the sake of humanity, it is your responsibility to mate with as many eligible females as possible, to produce the maximum amount of offspring. If the human population grows unsubstantial, then it may be the end of civilization as we know it.

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